AFR Statement on COVID-19.

AFR Gives Back: Together We Can

As our Co-CEO, Jerry Hellmann maintains, "Charity is an obligation, not an option." Being good neighbors doesn't just mean keeping our parking lots trash-free and our buildings in tip-top condition. Working charitably within our communities is a crucial thread in the woven tapestry that is AFR®.

With Together We Can as our #1 company initiative, we at AFR® Furniture Rental are deeply passionate about giving back. We have partnered with various organizations to rebuild 比特币交易价格行情homes for victims of catastrophe, paying for building materials and donating furnishings of over a dozen 比特币交易价格行情homes in New Orleans & Rockaway. We participate in 比特币交易价格行情home rebuild days, volunteer at animal shelters, feed those in need, organize charity walks, pack groceries at local food banks, and much more!

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